My application

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My application

Post  muls on Mon May 24, 2010 2:45 am

* Name:Tenio
* Desired Class:I can play every single class in this game so I guess it's whatever the clan needs.
* Age:17
* From?:Bulgaria
* Time Zone (GMT):+2
* English Level (1-10): 8

General Application

* Why Uprising?:Well, Uprising is a new and promising clan that I think have a bright future.
* Why do you think you'll be a good fit?:What I enjoy best in L2 is teamplay.Since I can't stand playing alone, I have learned to co-operate with people from all over the world, thru my 5 yers of L2 exp.
* What are other Clans you've been in?:As a matter of fact, this is the first clan, I apply for online.I hace been in many clans ofcours ,but I suppose you never heared them before.Such as Wolfpack,Forever united,Panzer Battalion, War machines, and many many more.
* Why did you leave them?:The only reason , I ever left a clan is because eighter all ppl leave server or the server simply dies.
* Why do you think Uprising will be better?:As I mentioned before,I have a good feeling about Uprising.
* How did you find us?:


* What are you going to contribute to the clan?:Well,I am going to help with whatever the clan needs because I know how things work in a clan.And what I have learned past the years is: Help your clan mates with everything you can,and prove you are trustworthy in order to recieve help back.
* What are your positive and negative aspects? (name at least one each):lol I feel kinda strange talking about my pros and cons, soo if you don't mind I would like you to tell them to me one day Smile


* What is your activity? (roughly name hours each day per week/end):weekdays-4-6h/weekend-8+

P.S. I would appriciate(if I get accepted ofcourse to pm me or just post what classes you need right now. Thank you.


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Re: My application

Post  Kiefer on Mon May 24, 2010 5:49 am

We arent playing anywhere atm. I dont have that much time anymore to lead a clan. Probably in the future we will rise again ... who knows Smile

[bg] No vse pak ako se interesuva6 dali bihme te prieli, da Smile . Za sajelenie vremeto v koeto bqhme sprqli da igraem zaedno ni izigra lo6a 6ega i ne6tata ne se polu4iha...


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